Dear Kobe Bryant

It took me all this time to write this because i wanted to make sure I got everything I want to say typed out so here it is.

Dear Kobe Bryant,

First off thank you for all the memories, and good times. Staying up til about 1 am ET almost every time you stepped on the floor was worth it. Your magical shots and the things you did on the court are things that will live with me forever. Every time you put on that Lakers jersey you did it out of honor and played through a lot. Thank you for showing me and millions of others that if you put in the work and set your mind to it you can do anything in life not just on the basketball court. You also were brave because in my book one of the most underrated things you did was skip college and go straight to the pros. You stepped into the league at 18 years old and began to shine against grown men and experienced professionals and to me that is truly remarkable. Also not only did you show great things on the court but you were a great ambassador for the community off the court and too reach out to those in need. The biggest thing that I admire about you was your way of life, a family man above all the way you raised your beautiful daughters and showed us all what it truly means to be a “girl dad” and I can only imagine that’s what you were doing in the final moments of your life is protecting your daughter and telling her it’s all going to be ok. Thank you for everything that you have done to inspire me and many others and for the countless memories.

May you Rest in Peace Mamba (and Mambacita and the other 7 who died) you will be missed

Sincerely, Alex Mesa

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