What’s Next for the Los Angeles Dodgers this offseason?

After yet again another disappointing ending to the season after a record breaking regular season the Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to add some pieces this offseason to get them back to where they want to be, which is of course World Series Champions.

One offseason option for the Dodgers is Astros ace Gerrit Cole who is set to be a free agent this winter. Throughout this season, there have been many connections between Cole and LA the main one being Cole grew up in LA and I see it as somewhat of a 60% chance he ends up in Los Angeles especially considering Clayton Kershaw’s latest playoff appearances you could see Cole take a spot in the rotation and Kershaw move to the bullpen come playoff time because when you pay a player $93 million over 3 years and have him have a playoff career stat line of 9-11 4.43 ERA including 7.11 ERA in this year’s NLDS vs the Nationals and a 7.36 ERA in last year’s World Series against the Red Sox his trade value is pretty low and you can’t have that much money wasted sitting on the bench. So adding a very solid pitcher in Gerrit Cole would make sense for the Dodgers.

Another possibility is trading for slugger Giancarlo Stanton. “WHAT?!” Is what you may ask yourself when you read that but Stanton’s time in New York has not lived up to the hype and going back a few years Stanton’s lone MVP season was with the Marlins in the NATIONAL LEAGUE. Also the Dodgers could use some veteran bats to go along with the youth movement going on as they are continuously bringing up players from their farm system like Gavin Lux and Will Smith. While the trade would take a lot for it too happen and I think the main piece is the Yankees retaining some of Giancarlo’s remaining money as he’s still owed at least $25 million a year through 2027 and I think a big name the Yankees will be looking at is Dodgers #1 prospect in Gavin Lux who’s now 21 years old but has little MLB experience but has plenty of upside and also they will be looking for a big contract and maybe that guy could be Joe Kelly. It is indeed a longshot but very doable for the Dodgers front office.

Another big question is will the Dodgers let likely Cy Young winner Hyun-Jin Ryu walk with an expiring contract this offseason. Ryu had an amazing regular season but the biggest thing with him is he is 32 years old so would you risk giving him a big money deal that he’s probably going to be looking for when you really don’t know if he’s going to be able to keep up his great performance. I believe the Dodgers should let him walk especially if they have their eyes on Gerrit Cole their main focus should be to make sure they have the cap space to do so.

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