Red Sox, Oh Red Sox What Shall We Do Now?!

The defending World Series Champion Boston Red Sox are currently in 3rd place in a highly competitive AL East and are only 2 games back on the 2nd place Rays and 3 games back on the Wild Card spot. My question today is are the defending champs in trouble? Or can they find a way to defy all odds and become 2019 World Series Champions.

The Red Sox play the next 14 games against division opponents specifically the Rays and Yankees. The most important date for the Red Sox at the moment is really the July 31st deadline. If the Red Sox can come out of the next 9 games before the deadline with a winning record you would think the front office would think of buying instead of selling and a pretty big point of interest of the Sox has been immediate help with one of baseball’s worst bullpen and moving Nathan Eovaldi to the closing position was quiet the interesting move for me knowing how well he played in Tampa last season and how he preformed in the playoffs. but with that being said it could be a temporary move if the Red Sox were to go out and get a true closer at the deadline.

A guy like Kirby Yates could be good for this Red Sox team, a veteran at 32 years old and a true closer who leads the NL by a pretty good margin with 31 saves would be a huge boost if this team indeed wants to make the playoffs. Also putting Eovaldi back into the starting rotation if that’s an option the Red Sox take (which i doubt) it could get struggling Cashner out of the starting rotation.

Whatever the Red Sox decide to do they need to act fast because Red Sox fans around the country are getting anxious and frustrated with the teams recent struggles especially just coming off a series loss to a lowly Orioles team.

Alex Mesa, 16

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