Are The Tampa Bay Rays “Coming Back Down To Earth”

The Rays started off hot showing greatness with their youth especially with the return from last year’s Chris Archer trade in Austin Meadows and Tyler Glasnow. But this weekend after getting swept by a struggling Red Sox team at the moment it could indeed be their time to “come down to Earth” but I believe not. The Rays are currently missing Blake Snell, Austin Meadows, and Ji Man Choi due to injury and Joey Wendle is just fresh off the IL and needs a few games to warm up as does any MLB player in that situation. The Rays have a 3 game series upcoming with an easier opponent in the Royals which will give them time to heal and get back into shape before having another crack at the Red Sox up north.

The New York Yankees are now only 2.5 games back on the Rays for the lead in the AL East but with the injuries they have especially with recently injured superstar Aaron Judge on the IL I think the Rays have some time to figure things out before both the Red Sox and Yankees figure things out up north

With all this being said I don’t believe will be AL East champions by the end of the season but will most definitely be a solid wild card team.

Alex Mesa, 16

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