Rivalry Overview: Giants-Dodgers Edition

For the first time this season, the Giants and Dodgers start a three-game series Monday night in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers-Giants rivalry is probably one of the most heated in baseball. It’s a rivalry that has had fights for the division title on the last week of the season to physical fights on (Juan Marichal attacking John Roseboro with a bat to Giants fan Bryan Stow getting jumped by Dodger fans).

The in-state rivals aren’t best friends, even when it comes to making deals. San Francisco and L.A. have only made three trades since the teams moved to the West Coast late in the 1950s.

It’s also one of the most frequently played rivalries. Especially when in baseball you play series during the season and it’s a 162-game season opposed to basketball where you’ll only play that certain team twice a year and it’s a 82-game season and football only plays a 16-game season.

Currently though, the Dodgers are in a much better position to win if you look at the rosters on paper. So, this time of year is usually for Giants fans to go and let out their frustration of a long upcoming season for their team and have some fun with one of the team’s few rivals.
So why don’t we dive in and see what to expect in the next chapter of this infamous West Coast Rivalry.

With both teams coming off of a four-game series you’re going to see the backside of the pitching staff on Monday with Drew Pomeranz getting the ball for the Giants and Julio Urias for the Dodgers. But just knowing that former Red Sox ace Pomeranz is on the back half of that rotations shows that this Giants’ rotation is pretty deep if they can stay healthy. It should be an interesting match up against a powerful Dodgers lineup especially when they go with Madison Bumgardner and Derek Holland for the second and third games of the series.

I personally don’t believe this will be a competitive series. I think the Dodgers are just too much offensively and the Giants are in danger of being swept.

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