Overreactions: Miami Marlins Edition

After the first 2 games of the season most fans tend to overreact and predict what’s going to happen the rest of the way because of a few “big” things that have happened so far. So although it isn’t the wisest decision here are my 2019 Miami Marlins overreactions two games into the season.

Jose Urena isn’t capable of playing at a high level because he’s too injury prone, his drop of velocity on Opening Day will be permanent, and he won’t ever throw above 90 mph again and is definitely NOT the Marlins best pitcher.

The bullpen played really sucks because yesterday they allowed a bunch of runs after Trevor Richards was able to contain the Rockies while he was on the mound.

We have 4 HR’s in 2 games so we’re going to have 324 HR’s as a team by the end of the year and we’re going to slug our way to a World Series victory #YankeesWho?

Thought I’d get a bit out of my comfort zone and put out some jokes as us Marlins fans have a long road ahead and will always need a little something to brighten up our days so as always GO FISH hope y’all enjoyed

Alex Mesa, 16

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